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Vote for Justin Mendes

Hanford Sentinel | October 31, 2018

Recently I have noticed a number of “Newsom/Salas” signs going up in our neighborhoods.

These signs support San Francisco gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom and Sacramento politician Rudy Salas.

California can’t afford a Newsom governorship and Sacramento doesn’t need another politician like Salas. The laws that these types of politicians have passed in the last eight years repeatedly hurt our California families and our state.

We have endured tax hikes on our gasoline and vehicle registration, we’ve endured regulations on agriculture and business and their policies have caused public safety to be at risk by allowing criminals to get back on the streets. What once were felonies are now misdemeanors.

It’s time to elect real leaders to Sacramento, leaders who understand the Valley and the needs of California families, not a select few. Electing Gavin Newsom to be our next governor would be a disaster and electing Rudy Salas will be a rubber stamp on failed policies, higher taxes and the continued watering down of Proposition 13, which has kept our property taxes reasonable. Professional politicians such as Newsom and Salas care only for their political careers not our families.

Justin Mendes is the only candidate for Assembly that understands the concerns for our families’ safety plus the needs of our Ag community and small businesses. He also understands the need for affordable housing and a reliable water supply for our growing Valley communities.

Vote for Justin Mendes on Nov. 6.

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