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Say sayonara to Sacramento Salas

Hanford Sentinel | May 23, 2018

I am extremely proud of what the Kings County Republican Party is about to achieve this year. We will win all three of our highly contested, Democrat favored legislative districts.

Democrat Assemblyman Rudy Salas has coasted to every election he’s ever had. This year we have a top tier candidate to replace him in Hanford Councilman Justin Mendes. Justin never hides from tough decisions and the people that disagree with him still respect him.

Many think the registration is insurmountable, but as we know with Congressman Valadao and Senator Vidak, a Republican from Kings County can win these tough seats. If Kings County Republicans turnout in mass, we can send a clear message to Sacramento and Washington that liberal policies are not wanted here.

Looking at the broader picture, this will be a miserable year for Rudy. He is actually going to have to work and more importantly he will actually have to deliver. He claims to be fighting for water, but his precious water bond gave too much power to bureaucrats. With Temperance Flat being crippled by his liberal friends, Rudy now has to deliver $1 billion dollars for water storage.

Meanwhile Salas brags about being a moderate by voting no on the gas tax. Is Gov. Brown going to give $1 billion dollars for a project he hates, to someone who bucked their party? Will Speaker Rendon ask for such a thing to save Rudy Salas’s lackluster political career? Doubtful!

This election is going to be Rudy and Sacramento Lobbyists vs. Local farmers and business owners. The Kings County Republican Party stands with Justin Mendes and the locals supporting his campaign.

Regardless of what happens, we win. By threatening Rudy’s cushy job with a quality candidate, we force him to deliver on water storage or we replace him with someone who will be a stronger voice for agriculture and our rural communities.

Vernon Costa, Chairman of Republican Party of Kings County

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