Press Release

Salas Votes to Protect Human Traffickers from Increased Penalties

June 4, 2018
Contact: Justin Mendes
(559) 240-4281

HANFORD, CA – On Thursday, May 31st, Assemblymember Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) voted to protect human traffickers from increased criminal penalties. Salas voted NO on a bipartisan motion that would have brought AB-2356 to the floor of the Assembly for a vote. The bill would have made human trafficking a violent felony. Salas’s inaction effectively killed any chance of the bill being considered.

“It’s completely shocking that Rudy would protect human traffickers and put our children at risk. Human trafficking should absolutely be a felony and nothing less,” commented Salas’s opponent Justin Mendes. “Time and time again Salas has proven to be completely out of touch with his constituents.”

Salas’s vote Thursday shows an alarming pattern of support for Sacramento’s soft-on-crime policies.

“The Valley needs an Assemblyman who isn’t afraid to take on sex offenders and traffickers seeking to exploit our children,” stated Mendes. “We need a representative who will stand up for victims and work to keep our kids safe.”

Earlier this year, Mendes discovered that a registered sex offender was living next to his children’s daycare. Mendes contacted Salas’s office for assistance. His office suggested that the daycare provider simply pack up and move. Fixing Megan’s Law and keeping children safe from sex offenders was not something Assemblymember Salas wanted to pursue.