Press Release

Rudy Salas Legislation A Result of Worrying Primary Election Performance

August 29, 2018
Contact: Justin Mendes
(559) 240-4281

HANFORD, CA – Last night, the Senate passed AB 514. The bill will ensure that daycare providers are made aware of sexual predators moving in next door to their businesses. Unfortunately, it took Rudy Salas showing weak numbers in the primary to actually do something for at risk daycares. Pushing Salas to gut and amend AB 514 just a few short days after the primary election as well as not taking any input from the constituents affected by a recent incident in the district. 

“I am thankful that this bill has passed, but this should have been passed months ago when Senator Andy Vidak brought this issue to the Legislature’s attention. Instead, they killed Vidak’s bill in the Senate Public Safety committee,” commented Salas’s opponent Justin Mendes. “Sacramento politicians, like Rudy Salas, show us once again that nothing will ever get done unless they know they might lose their seat.”

Salas’s actions show the true pattern of how Sacramento’s politicians operate. Politics as usual.

“The Valley needs an Assemblyman who isn’t afraid to take on sex offenders and do what is right,” stated Mendes. “it shouldn’t take me or any concerned constituent running against him to force him to do the right thing. He just doesn’t care about the valley and the safety of our families”

Earlier this year, Mendes discovered that a registered sex offender was living next to his children’s daycare. Mendes contacted Salas’s office for assistance. His office suggested that the daycare provider simply pack up and move. Fixing Megan’s Law and keeping children safe from sex offenders was not something Assemblymember Salas wanted to pursue until he realized he may lose this upcoming election.