Press Release

Rudy Salas Calls Daycare Provider a Liar

September 25, 2018
Contact: Justin Mendes
(559) 240-4281

HANFORD, CA – Last night, KGET 17 covered Justin Mendes’ latest TV ad sharing the story of the sexual predator that moved next door to Mendes’ children’s daycare. The daycare owner shares the story of how ineffective Rudy Salas’ office was when she brought the issue to their attention in late February.

In a written statement Rudy calls to question the ad saying its “completely false and misleading” and then touted Assembly Bill 514, a gut and amend bill created after a very weak showing in the June primary election and introduced with only days left in the legislative session. 

 “It’s disappointing and shocking that Rudy would side with a sexual predator who was convicted of committing crimes against children and blatantly dismiss the concerns of our daycare provider,” said Justin Mendes.

Salas’ actions have shown once again that he does not care about the constituents in this district and is only concerned about returning to his job in Sacramento.

“Instead of an Assemblymember that calls a constituent a liar, we need a representative that will meet with and listen to the concerns of everyone in the district,” stated Mendes. “It’s unfortunate that Rudy just doesn’t care about our families or the Central Valley.”

Earlier this year, Mendes discovered that a registered sex offender was living next to his children’s daycare. Mendes contacted Salas’s office for assistance. His office suggested that the daycare provider simply pack up and move. Fixing Megan’s Law and keeping children safe from sex offenders was not something Assemblymember Salas wanted to pursue until he realized he may lose this upcoming election.