Press Release

Justin Mendes Releases First TV Ad Against Opponent Rudy Salas

September 17, 2018
Contact: Justin Mendes
(559) 240-4281

HANFORD, CA-  Assembly Candidate Justin Mendes has released his first TV Ad. The ad shares the story of the sexual predator that moved next door to Mendes’ children’s daycare. Daycare owner, Georgia Hall, shares the story of how ineffective Rudy Salas’ office was when she brought the issue to their attention.

Georgia credits Justin Mendes for stepping up and helping her in a time of need. The awareness Justin brought to the issue forced the sex offender to move overnight. Salas did absolutely nothing until after a weak primary election performance.

“As a father, knowing that a sexual predator, who has hurt children in the past, was living next door to my kids’ daycare was the worst thing to hear,” said Mendes. “And to have Assemblyman Salas tell me and our daycare provider that he didn’t want to help and she should just sell her house and move the business was very frustrating.”

Salas’ staff said that this issue was not a legislative priority this year. This inaction pushed Justin to run for the 32nd Assembly seat. The Hanford Sentinel and Bakersfield Californian both covered the story when it first came out.

“We need a leader who will stand up for small businesses, fight to protect our families, and never be afraid to take on sexual predators” stated Mendes. “That’s why I have released my first TV ad, to share our story and show the true character of Rudy Salas.”

Earlier this year, Mendes discovered that a registered sex offender was living next to his children’s daycare. Mendes contacted Salas’s office for assistance. Salas’s office suggested that the daycare provider simply pack up and move. Fixing Megan’s Law and keeping children safe from sex offenders was not something Assemblymember Salas wanted to pursue until he realized he may lose this upcoming election.