Press Release

Governor Won’t Bail Out Rudy Salas’ Sham of A Bill

October 1, 2018
Contact: Justin Mendes
(559) 240-4281

HANFORD, CA  Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that was a last-ditch effort by Assemblymember Rudy Salas to save his poor primary election performance.

Salas, under the cover of darkness, bypassed the proper legislative process and “gut and amended” Assembly Bill 514 in order to address his failure to act when a sex offender moved next door to a daycare provider.

Hanford City Councilman & Assembly Candidate, Justin Mendes, said, “I am not surprised that the Governor saw right through Rudy’s bill. Rudy has proven to be one of the least effective members of the legislature.”

Salas has falsely earned the title of “moderate”, all while raising the cost of living for Central Valley families under cap-and-trade and ruining the future of agriculture. Rudy continues to show his ineffectiveness in Sacramento after failing to bring in money for Temperance Flat Reservoir, not helping efforts to pass SB-623, a clean drinking water bill and now failing to address major issues with sexual predators living next to daycares.

“It is clear that Rudy doesn’t care about our Central Valley families and was only pushing this bill after his weak election performance. Salas is just another do-nothingAssemblyman who has no desire to take care of the Central Valley, he just doesn’t care,” said Mendes.

 Mendes decided to run after his children’s daycare provider found out there was a sex offender living next door and Salas’ refused to take action when hearing about the concerns from Hanford families and the daycare provider.