About Justin Mendes

A Valley native, Justin Mendes has always felt a commitment to public service and giving back to his community. He considers himself fortunate to call Hanford home.

Justin is the son of Portuguese dairy farmers, and he has never forgotten where he comes from. His family started dairying in the 1930s and his father was a 3rd generation dairyman. The lessons he learned as a child on the dairy are ones he continually returns to as an adult. There, Justin was taught the value of hard work, honesty, and treating others with respect. He believes that someone’s word is still something to hold in the highest regard, and a handshake means the world. The lessons he learned as a child are ones that he hopes to one day pass down to his children.

Mendes completed his undergraduate degree at the University of the Pacific. While there, he lived by the lessons taught at home and knew his education was providing the building blocks for a future full of possibility.

After starting his professional career working in the financial industry, Mendes worked in state government for Assemblyman David Valadao. Valadao, also a Portuguese dairyman, shared a common bond with Mendes. Justin helped constituents through local issues with state agencies as a local representative in the California State Assembly.

He would later transition to the U.S. House of Representatives where he would eventually work his way up to District Director. There, he oversaw constituent services and the California operation of Representative Valadao. Mendes truly felt he helped make a difference in constituents’ lives by helping them navigate Federal agencies and complex regulations.

In 2014, Mendes ran and won a spot on the Hanford City Council. His district, District E, encompasses much of Southwest Hanford. While on the council, Justin has focused on a few small, but major items. He has prioritized recruiting major job creators like Costco to the community. He knows how important it is to find large, stable employers that the community can rally around. This has the side effect of making Hanford a more attractive place to work and live, which in turn benefits all residents.

He has also worked to increase the city’s commitment to public safety. He has led the fight for a new fire station and a larger police presence in neighborhoods. He knows the impact that soft crime laws have on serial criminals and has vowed to keep fighting to change senseless and thoughtless crime created by Prop 47 and realignment.

In 2016, Justin served as the Mayor of Hanford. He continued the work towards making streets safer and giving residents more opportunities in all aspects of life.

As a father of two young boys, he understands the need to make our world better for the next generation. He has chosen to do his part and not take anything for granted. He has the drive and passion required to enact real change for businesses and families at home.

Justin is proud to call Hanford home. He lives there with his wife, Melissa, and his two sons, Alexander and Dominic.